Telfair Headed To The Clippers

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No they aren't  the ones he speaks of. 
Ainge doesn't differentiate. He has REPEATEDLY said that fans - i.e. making it clear he means all fans - don't understand anything and made them all out to be a bunch of knee jerking yahoos. Sometimes even as he then gushes with an obviously bogus "I have all the respect in the world for the fans". That's the one that has pissed me off no end, in no small part because of how regularly he repeats it and makes it clear he is not just talking about a vocal idiot minority, as you imply. 

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2) Most fans don't. At least the casual ones, who are the ones doing most of 
the complaining. Fans who call WEEI and blast Ainge saying that he should 
have let Antoine's contract run out and then use that money to sign another 
player. Obviously fans who say that don't understand the salary cap. Many 
similar instances come up whenever the Celtics are discussed among casual 
fans. Those are the ones Ainge speaks of.

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>2) saying the fans just dong understand what he is doing, the fans don't
>really understand the game of basketball.

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