Telfair Headed To The Clippers

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Is that any worse than what you do in saying Ainge is 100% right and
anyone who thinks otherwise is stupid?

For me, I give Ainge a C- to this point for his running of the team.
That's hardly saying he doesn't know what he is doing.  Its hardly
saying he is destined to fail.  He has made mistakes and had some
successes.  Its discussing that that is interesting, not listening to
someone say either Ainge is right and anyone who disagrees be they fan
or media or former player or anyone else is stupid OR Ainge is stupid,
evil, and cant do anything right even if someone were to lay it all
right out in front of him.

Some people might enjoy reiterating their theme along those lines day
after day and month after month and year after year, but frankly I think
its far more interesting to take each trade, each move (or nonmove),
each hire, each fire etc and discuss it.  Over time a picture will
emerge.  For me, it's a guy who has earned a C-, who has an eye for
talent but hasn't laid out and consistently moved towards a clear vision
and far too often displays too much arrogance in his dealings.  Time
will tell if either of those will bite him in the ass or whether he is
capable of turning things around.

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"too many people act like they know with 100% surety about everything"

You mean like saying Ainge is wrong in everything he does and not even 
allowing the slightest possibility that he might know what he is doing?

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>Hear hear Egg!  You have hit on one of the problems with this list -
>many people act like they know with 100% surety about everything.  Its
>their right and your wrong or your right and their wrong - there is no
>little ground and hence very little discussion.
>As someone who has been on SonsofSamHorn for years, I can say that
>that stuff occurs over there at times (especially whne discussing the
>media versus players) its generally based on discussion and debate.
>Information and theories are shared, discussed, debated, and sorted
>through.  Theres not really a huge emphasis on who is more right than
>someone else.  I wish that were the case here.
>Maybe everyone should try to be a little less certain and a little more
>humble and this list would be a better place to spend some time.
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>< As for Egg being right.. not a chance. > -Shizz
>Not even .0000000000000000000000000001% of a chance?   Nada?
>Most discouraging.
>< I thought of replying because I could easily refute every one of your
>'points'.   But since you are not a rational nor a reasonable person,
>wouldn't do any good. > -Shizz
>I have let all too many of your personal insults slip by, Shawn.
>And so I will speak the unspeakable.
>If the majority of national and local sports media hadn't constantly
>90% of my unpopular assertions and general team assessments, perhaps I
>could justify your comments.
>It doesn't mean that they are right or that I am right.   But it also
>mean that we are necessarily wrong either.
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