Telfair Headed To The Clippers

Jim Hill jahill199 at
Sat May 15 09:51:11 CDT 2004

First I "hate" no basketball player.

>I wouldn't say most players think Walker is all mouth. For one I've hear
>Gary Payton say he loved him and Tim Hardaway has had a relationship with
>him since Toines high school days.

But your choice of Hardaway as an example of respect falls pretty flat when
he has publicly stated that they are friends, but that Walker is an a**hole.
Payton is not exactly a go-to-guy for character checks.  Too much "mouth"
checks, sure.

>You can't project your own hatred of Walker onto the players.

See above.  I did not like his game or his failure to come into camp in
condition every year but one.  That said, he was going to raise a stink all
year about not getting a max money/length contract nor was he going to play
any style then he wanted. They're isn't anyone in the basketball but Walker
that believes he is worth that kind of contract.  He had to go.  No other
team would even take him from all reports.  Explain that.

>Even that Walker being the most hated man in the NBA was long ago
discredited as being a fallacy.

I have never said it myself but since you bring it up, by whom?

It doesn't seem like he has any friends in Dallas and even he knows that his
expiring contract draws more interest then his game does.  It's a shame
because he has talent.

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