Telfair Headed To The Clippers

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Fri May 14 12:03:59 CDT 2004

For the love of god... who cares if Danny turns people off?? 95% of the 
media in Boston hates Belichick on a personal level. Doesn't seem to hurt 
his team any. Belichick also had a rough first year and people wanted to 
drive him out of town. Good thing they didn't.

As for Danny having too much pride to admit his mistakes... nope. He traded 
Mike James, didn't he?

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>< Yeah, but the report also talked of his (Telfair) being a bit frail to go
>with it and not coping well with physicality. I know you don't like him,
>but Banks is a physically tough, strong little guard who doesn't have
>that concern to go with the height. > - Kim
>Meant to get back to you on this yesterday, Kim.   I hear you that Banks
>has eaten a bit more spinach than Telfair in his four additional years on
>planet Earth.  Still, Banks appears "physically tough" only against
>a few 6' 2" or shorter guards.
>Considering Bank's out-of-control/often counterproductive speed,
>poor attitude, lack of court vision, and anemic offensive stats, do you
>feel that even Danny is happy with Bank's future prognosis?  If so, then
>how can we account for 75% of the draft gurus assuming that we need
>to draft yet another PG to compensate for our 2003 draft blunder?
>Drafting Telfair would only be compounding the blunder and therefore a
>moot point since I question whether Danny's pride would allow him to
>actually go back to the drawing board and draft yet another rookie PG
>this year.
>Wonder why I am so down on Danny?  It's not only due to shock and awe
>at his arrogance and how quickly his poor people skills turned off so many
>of those privy to his methods.  It is more because he has shown little
>evidence of including the necessary ingredients to implement his sweet
>sounding "vision."  After all his moves, where is our distributing PG,
>inside presence, toughness, solid defense, 2nd scorer to Pierce, and team
>Danny has instead opted for the shooting Mike James and the defensively-
>challenged Atkins at PG, the soft LaFrentz and Mihm at C/PF, the "I just
>don't get it" Jones at SF, the one trick 6' 6" PF Hunter who feels he
>is the second coming of Dennis Rodman, and the free-spirit/freelancing
>Davis who is allergic to disciplined team play and good citizenship.
>Three strikes and you're out?  By my count, Danny has already been
>allowed a Baker's dozen.
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