Chad Ford says rumors have the Celts attached to four guys

Mark Piotrowski markp at
Thu May 13 15:11:35 CDT 2004

>Actually Predrag from Macedonia's name isn't surprising to me, since he is a
>Center and our very own Tam mentioned that she knew Ainge was
>high on a European. I thought it might be either Omerhodzik or Fernandez,
>but with Papile announcing they're drafting big, Samardiski makes
>more sense. The thing is, he's not staying in the draft unless he goes
>near the Lottery, so if they want him, 15 it will have to be.

Not to pile it on Mark (I too live for the time between the end of 
the reg. season and the draft, esp. since that time has been so 
irrelevant for the C's over the last 20 years in terms of playing), 
but had us taking Peja S. in their last mock (the one 
before the one that's up) -- in the current one he's down to #21. seems to fluctuate up and down wildly leading up to the 
draft, but the eventually get fairly close to right -- as much as 
anyone else.

I have to say that he sounds intriguing -- esp. if as Way suggests, 
he stays in Europe (and off our cap) for another year or two (like 
the last Peja for Sacto).

As i said, I'm fine with taking a Int'l/HS kid at 15 -- as long as we 
get 1-2 ready-to-contribute players at 24/25/41.

At this point, i'd be pleased as pink with Peja S @ 15,  R. Aruajo or 
Kirk Snyder at 24/25, Dorrell Wright at the other of 24/25 and 
Delonte West, Blake Stepp, Chris Duhon or Tony Allen at 41.

>Same for Jefferson, as he seems a top 15 pick these days.
>And Swift and Wright also seem to be moving up, with a better
>chance of drafting Wright at 24/25 than Swift, since skilled Centers
>are so coveted.

I just have to reiterate -- like anyone would care -- that Swift 
really scares me.  He just looks like the next coming of (a shorter) 
Shawn Bradley or Michael Stewart -- a total beanpole.  Just what we 
don't need.

(the other) mark

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