Reggie Miller?

Eggcentric at Eggcentric at
Thu May 13 12:01:06 CDT 2004

< I never mock and jest.> - Kestas

>But really, it's no joking matter.  If talent was all it took, then why are
>the dysfunctional Lakers about to go down the tube?

< 'Cuz they'z ol' an' not as ath-a-letic as da Spurs. [Barkley]. > - Kestas
Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  Just what I had hoped to suck you into... yet another 
mock and jest.

J'ACCUSE, Monsieur Kveraga!  You just can't control yourself, can you? 
However, since I have long ago pissed off my good friend Berry, what 
would I do without you as my conscience on this list? I will continue 
to accept your scraps of logic for the time being even as few and far 
between as they are.


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