Reggie Miller?

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Thu May 13 10:17:41 CDT 2004

< The biggest flopper/whiner in the NBA? Watching him play against 
the Celtics reminded me how much I hate Reggie Miller. >  - Steve O

Your dissing Reggie Miller brought back fond memories as I feel he 
is one of the few current NBA players who is a throwback to the past.       

Oh to return to the buttercups and daisies of yesteryear when we lived 
in a small suburb of Boston (Weston) alongside of John Havlicek, Paul
Silas, and Bobby Orr (Bruins).  Our sons were ready friends who religiously
attended the Dave Cowens Bball camp each summer. Back then, it was 
fun and it was pure.

Comparing today's pro players to the grace and elan of these former
athletes is like comparing Britney Spears to Grace Kelly. All three 
(Havlicek, Orr, Silas) are wonderful human beings.   And when it came 
to sports, they shared a discrete sense of time and place ... humble 
rookies in their youth, modest all-stars in their prime, helpful mentors 
in the twilight of their playing careers.  IMHO, Reggie Miller comes 
very close to meeting their standards. 

It makes me question the very future of the NBA as the faint odor of poor 
fundamentals and bad citizenship rises high above courtside as the 
Jumbotron jumbles on.   So many barely coachable NBA players, so many 
wardons (head coaches) fired because they can't control the inmates. 

Where have all the heroes gone when so many teams' most attractive 
trade assets are expiring contract players, not their stars. Yet the
greedy, shortsighted general managers continue to sell their souls 
for upside/athleticism vs. character/fundmentals.  SA is a solid 
team because Duncan, Parker et al are not only talented, but their heads 
are on straight. Is their any more pleasing sight in the NBA than to see 
big brother Tim affectionately rubbing the head of little bro Tony?

Kestas may mock me and jest about Ainge's "ath-a-letic/head cases."  
But really, it's no joking matter.  If talent was all it took, then why are
the dysfunctional Lakers about to go down the tube?


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