Mark Blount for Marc Jackson

Greg & Fiona pakpoy at
Wed May 12 18:43:17 CDT 2004

Mark Blount (resigned to $5 mil)
Walter McCarty
#15 pick


Marc Jackson
John Salmons
#9 pick
2nd rounder (either this year or next)

Mark, I like your idea above the best. The ability to move up in the draft by packaging the higher pick would be great. Stats wise Blount and Jackson put up similar numbers last year as did Salmons and McCarty. Salmons intrigues me. I thought that he put up good assists numbers in the Summer league. His shooting percentage however is as bad as McCarty .387. Does it work salary wise?

You would think that Obie would do this deal in a heartbeat if his allegiance to Blount and McCarty was as strong as he portrayed. 

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