Real shuffle on mock order

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Wed May 12 08:05:22 CDT 2004

Actually, I think Andriuskevicius is in. Chad Ford wrote about this
yesterday. It was a last-minute surprise. Ford says he immediately
becomes the top international player in the draft and probable top-five

As for, it's fine for information on prospects, but their
mock draft is useless. They have no insider info. They just match teams
and players according to needs or the way the wind is blowing on that
particular day. 


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> has updated their mock draft and they have done a real
>Has us passing on Pavel and still sticking with Telfair. I doubt it.
The only
>way we take Telfair is in a deal for a team like the Clippers who would
>us Andriskivicius (he sounds like Danny's type of player).

Andriuskevicius is not in the draft this year. It sounds like he might
one of the top picks next year.

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