Michael A, DiZio mdizio at
Fri May 7 20:07:14 CDT 2004

Cheerleaders are wicked lame-o !   I know how to cheer and when, even in 
this laugh track , applause sign world we live in.  Isn't there 
something to be said for anything that doesn't slavishly mimic 
everything else?  The Celtics are the only team without  them now,  the 
team always banged out the building when we had half a chance to win.  
Fix up the damn team and you have all the sellouts you can handle. The 
"game presentation" already sucks like all the other cookie cutter 
productions around the league. Don't make it worse.  Who the hell pays 
good money to see cheerleaders anyway?  If they want to meet players, 
let 'em hang out in the hotel bar like everybody else. I don't want to 
see those stupid pompoms and cheap "britney choreography",  just winning 

Harumph, gentlemen

Michael DiZio

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