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Any thoughts on Jefferson? I saw him a little in one of those all-star
games and he reminded me of Zach Randolph. 


I'd take Al Jefferson in the lottery actually.  But instead he'll
probably drop like Boozer/Randolph did and become a steal for someone
(Hopefully the C's).

In college and some HS allstar games this year, I was watched for a
Boozer/Nene diamond in the rough PF, and Jefferson was the only one who
fit the bill.  He's built like Boozer in HS(man among skinny jumping
jack boys), about 6'9, has a little jumphook, bangs and goes for
offensive rebounds. Only average hops, and looked bad on defense because
Robert Swift(the 7 ft caucaisian kid with a little Gasol-like
athleticism and coordination), kept abusing him.

Jefferson had some 40 pt 18 rb seasons in his Miss. High school(I'm sure
Papile noticed him years ago).  Braindoctor-personality-wise, he may
turn out like Bender, Kendrick, and Kedrick.  Very-small town southern
boys adjusting to the big NBA cities, and could take a while to not be
shy and grow up (To me Jonathan Bender is finally maturing well and is
now the closest raw talent I've seen to Nowitski).

When Ainge said some prospects are good enough to wait a few years for
their development, I'd say Jefferson is one of them, and Telfair isn't.
I remember Marbury and Bibby were MUCH better players when they entered
college. So Telfair isn't the "BEST point guard for the next decade and
a half"

The only other HS diamond in the rough that jumped out at me is the kid
who's still going to North Carolina next year (Marvin Williams).  He's a
tall SF, built like Lebron already, can hit a three, has some handles,
and takes smart shots.  Draft/prospect fans might want to watch NC.
They're loaded.

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