Niednagel released; Ainge brain type revealed

Eggcentric at Eggcentric at
Fri May 7 12:01:42 CDT 2004

< What I want to know is what brain type Charles "I am Amphibious" 
Shackleford, and Mike "My Mother was a Woman" Tyson, are (talk about 
fading into "Bolivian" for those two...). Does it start with an "I"? > 
- Kestas 

I am not surprised you would want to know that. Don't think for a White 
River Junction minute that this whole Brain Doc bashing isn't your fault. 
Even Wickerham senses you are 100% responsible for Doc N's release.

Your persistent and obsessive criticisms of the good Brain Doc (and you 
too, Giovanello) have rendered me half-crazed.  Therefore I have an 
important announcement. I am hereby dropping the Eggcentric screen 
name and returning to this list under the name “JoanD'Arc at”  
It's only fitting since they are already polishing the stake for me. 

And Further, Doc Kesty, despite your degree in Psychological and Brain 
Sciences, can you tell me right this minute with any degree of certainty 
that you can actually predict better than  Niednagel that Mihm or Davis 
or Banks or Jones or Hunter will turn into ENTP/FCIR’s?  NO!  So really, 
why the need to rag on the poor misunderstood Mike Tyson when you 
know full well that at least his fore play if not his court play would 
have certainly been diagnosed as high as a ISTP/BEIR (#4 - same as 
Ricky)  by Doc Niednagel.

You are a bad bad influence, Kesty.  In fact, I am curious what YOUR rating 
might be.  FYI, my “Insider” informs me that our IGTC list CEO is presently 
in negotiations with Doc Niednagel to obtain his evaluation of each of our 
list members.  Another reason to change my screen name ASAP.

Do you have a foot stool big enough to hide under?



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