O'Brien lures Harter to Philadelphia staff

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For what it's worth, thought you might find this interesting. I can just see
lard arse Derrick Coleman running around the three point line to double a

Who let the "chickens out", cluck, cluck! cluck cluck!

O'Brien lures Harter to Philadelphia staff

By Peter May, Globe Staff | May 6, 2004

To the surprise of no one, former Celtics assistant coach Dick Harter
yesterday was announced as Jim O'Brien's first hire in Philadelphia. If
O'Brien has his way, three more ex-Celtics assistants will also be on his
76ers staff next season.		
The man who replaced O'Brien in Boston, John Carroll, will not be one of
"I've talked to John," O'Brien said yesterday, "and he wants to pursue
opportunities as a head coach. We may coach together at another time. But
John and I basically duplicate each other."
Carroll said last week that he had hired an agent and intended to pursue a
head coaching job. He also said there was a chance he would join O'Brien's
staff. But O'Brien's comments yesterday put an end to that.
Harter was fired on the same day that O'Brien resigned as the head coach of
the Celtics last January. O'Brien said shortly after getting the Philly job
April 20 that Harter was likely to join him. The two were together for 2 1/2
seasons in Boston and helped the Celtics develop into a playoff team.
O'Brien said he has told former Boston assistants Lester Conner, Frank
Vogel, and Joe Gallagher that he would like them to come aboard. He said
that none of the three is in a hurry, in part because the they are under
contract for another year. However, the Celtics have given the assistants
permission to speak to other teams and new coach Doc Rivers intends to bring
in his own people.
O'Brien also said he is still integrating himself into his new job and that
there really is nothing now for assistant coaches to do.
"Dick and I can do whatever is necessary now," O'Brien said. "I told them to
take their time, take a vacation, and we'd get back together. I want four
guys on my staff. If I can do it with those four, those are the ones I
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