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Mon May 3 23:02:07 CDT 2004

Quoting R Howe <regmanw6 at yahoo.com>:

 I havent had much time to write about my Celts since before the Playoffs,
 Did we actually play? Now wasnt that worth the 4-5 slots in the draft? ah
 yes the experience that Blount and Waltah got sure must have helped thier
 growth with the C's for next year. And yes it was great to hear the
 gratitude expressed by our front court warriors after it was all said and
 done. And yes Davis proved it is hard to play ball effectively with his
 NBA sized foot inserted in his mouth. Best thing that can be said is that
 the season mercively ended. Now on to the reconstruction.


It does seem like the playoffs were a total waste of time and it did cost
us some draft positioning but I still think that it was a good experience
for our young troops.

I saw Game 3 on ESPN, our worst ever home playoff loss, and it was
embarrassing to say the least. But never underestimate the effect that
being embarrassed has on a young player.

I'm expecting the younger guys, namely Marcus and Jiri, to come back better
players next year and more determined than ever.

The playoffs next year should be a better showing. *Should* is the
operative word, we'll have to wait and see.



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