How do we get Gooden?

Mark Piotrowski markp at
Mon May 3 13:16:50 CDT 2004

My #1 goal this summer -- outside of trying to nab Okafor, which i 
think is probably not possible w/o giving up too much (but I still 
hold out hope) -- would be to liberate Drew Gooden from Orlando.

I really like the hiring of Doc.  I'm on board.

I think too that he used Gooden well the 1/2 year after they got him 
from Memphis -- and don't think he was the one behind signing J. 
Howard, who basically made Gooden (unwisely) expendable.

So I think we should make a push for Gooden -- who's a young, 
athletic, bona fide PF; who already know's Doc's system and who fits 
in with that system.

Orlando (2 hours south of me) needs some talent and/or roster 
flexibility -- if the Magic don't start remaking the roster McGrady 
is gone, and they know it.  They've got some good young talent but 
most of it's duplicative.

So I'd propose:

#15 & #24 picks
Chris Mihm
Walter McCarty
Michael Stewart


Drew Gooden
Andrew DeClercq
Pat Garrity
Orlando's 2nd rounder

Mihm & Stewart both have 1 year left so they could be included in 
trade packages (maybe for Antoine Walker? ha ha) by Orlando, and 
would provide some cover at the Center position while Okafor grows 
into the starting role.  McCarty gives them the outside shooting they 
lose with Garrity.  They should be able to pick up a PG with the #15 
pick (Lue wants to return to the backup PG), say J. Nelson or Telfair

They also get Garrity's 4 year contract off the books -- which I'm 
willing to take on since we get Gooden.

We'd add a young PF to play alongside a healthy LaFrentz:

PG: Atkins / Banks
SG: Pierce / Welsch
SF: Davis /(Welsch) / Garrity
PF: Gooden / Hunter / (Garrity)
C: LaFrentz / DeClercq / Perkins

I'd also entertain -- but prefer obviously not to -- trading Welsch 
(who i'm assuming Orlando would prefer to Davis (who has 4 years 
left)) since we've got Davis + Pierce and need a PF.

-- (the other) Mark

p.s. is there a way to read msgs on the web anymore?  it seems like 
that capabilty has gone away with the list changes.  thanks.

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