Thrilled with WEST

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Fri Jun 25 00:31:53 CDT 2004

Seattle has supposedly entered the fray for Mcgrady offering Allen in a
package that is a 3 way I heard. Jefferson looks better and more physical
than Humphries. Seems like the guys we want usually go a pick or two before
ours. We should be on the phone with Portland for Monia. Give them next
years #1.

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Don't know how much more I can add to this. West was my favorite college
player last year. He's a very efficient scorer (18.9 ppg, 51% FG, 89% FT,
41% 3pt), and he wasn't just taking layups. Good shooter standing still and
off the dribble, very smart and creative player, plays hard, good in the
clutch. Don't know how point guard ready he is, but he's a good passer. I do
NOT think he's another Joe Forte. Oops, shouldn't have used that name.

My favorite stat line of the year: In a game against Xavier, West went 12-12
from the field (including three 3s) and 6-6 from the line.

I don't have a particular problem with Allen (Tom Tolbert seems to adore
him), but we could have used a big guy and Ramos, Jin, Harrison, Varejao
were still on the board.

I liked the pick of Jefferson, many mocks had him going before the 15th spot
and he seems to be a better bet to develop than Swift. Really wonder if
there's a trade in the works, though, since Seattle was supposed to be honed
in on Jefferson. Maybe Jefferson/Allen are going to Sonics for Swift and
there's still some negotiating going on?

It was really annoying that the guy I wanted at 15 went at 14 (Humphries)
and that the much touted Monya slipped all the way to 23 before being
snapped up right in front of us.

Anyone else join in the ESPN Draft Lottery game? I finished 92nd, in the
99.7 percentile :-)

Steve O

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Delonte West doesn't have to prove a thing to me.  DA made a great pick here
and anyone who doubts it just has to look at West 2003 injury plaqued NCAA
tourney.  When he was still St. Joe's number 2 scoring option in key
situations as a sophomore.

I am a big Hawks fan, and have followed them with devotion since Nelson and
Marvin O'Connor were holding down the 1 and 2 positions.  I will add this
about West he is a basketball player,  he gets off shots and moves like a
basketball player should, not necessarily and athlete, and there might not
have been a more dependable midrange player in the country.  He is also a
surprisingly good one on one, as evidenced by his solid play against
Xavier's Roman Sato.

I do have some reservations about West making the transition to the PG full
time.  I think if he is teamed in a back court with another guard capable of
bringing it up like Welsh than that would work but I don't see him coming in
and playing like Ridnour, Heinrich, or Wade last season.

That said he is more of a basketball player than Marcus Banks will ever be.
I am starting to think that Banks should be trying for a career in the
Patriots secondary, he is an extraordinary athlete, but we keep taliking
about how we have to wait for him to develop.  Banks wasn't a senior out of
High School he was a senior coming out of college, and I think we got Mike
Mamula'd, by his impressive indivdual workouts.

West can also hold his own on defense and was the recipient of some open
court steals thanks to the pressure put on by the hawks guards Nelson and
Barley, so that says to me has good court sense and vision, he was also a
solid man to man defender.  I think it is easy for people to say because he
is thin that he can be taken down low easily, thats wrong, this kid is tough
and he's a solid rebounder to boot.

West will find his shots in the Carrill Like offense Doc puts in.  I like
getting Allen but it seems congested in the back court now, I have not seen
enough of him to warrant an opinion, but heck his team beat St. Joe's, that
should come once or twice in practice, don't you think.

I just can't wait for he and Welch to play together they will be a very good


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