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Re: From the Rock Odyssey site

>From: "Schrade, Scott"
>Subject: Re: From the Rock Odyssey site
>>> Maybe Odysseus, I mean Mark will be going to see them then?
>He said only if they tour under another name than "The Who" - plus
>he wants Daltrey & Townshend to get hitched in a civil ceremony, also.
>If his demands are met, then he'll go see a show.

Don't forget about having to be within spitting distance of his home, profit
sharing, credit at local clothing shops, and something about Pete and Rog
both acknowledging their un-worthiness to The Kinks (picture Pete and Rog
bowing and chanting "we're not worthy. we're not worthy.").

How many hours did you drive last tour, Jon?

Ya Animal!

Kevin in VT