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Re:Thw Who's popularity peak

Having sided on the '78-'82 thingy, and being of an
age that puts me just in the bracket of being aware of
the band from the '71 period, i did not see the Who
until '76. What i remember of the shows from '76-right
the way through to '82, was when walking away at the
end, you knew you had been to a Who gig. If you were
anywhere near the front, it was like a scrum and
everyone jumped and pushed and it was a test of
stamina to get through it. I haven't experienced that
for a long time. Not til the Forum last month.
Shepards bush was close but...

my point is, the who are about to have a another rise
in populrity! I predict it. It depends on the new
music but it will come. 


When it does come, will it be better than '78-'82???

I think it will because it's NOW.

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