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Re: Speaking Ill? Some questions..

	>From: "Schrade, Scott" 
	>Subject: Re: Speaking Ill? Some questions.. 
>> Anyone have the statement?
>Uh.....yeah.  I posted it like two weeks ago.  Remember?

Yep, I do/did, but didn't know if the lines Pete was in trouble for were included in your post.
Only you could verify that.....Bucko.

>I think he wanted 
>there to be lines of coke in the dressing room & groupies on 
>the end of his knob all the time.

But, the truth does hurt sometimes.
Far be it from Pete to make his statements PC.

>And when he was left to his 
>own devices, that's what he did & that's how he died."

Obviously still a bunch of anger there.

Kevin in VT

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