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Magic Bus - Pete Townshend Live in Chicago

I received this CD from Amazon.  It's a new Pete CD, with a union Jack


Don't buy it.  It's a con.

Don't get me wrong - the music is fine.  But it's simply a repackaged and
cut-down version of the Pete Townshend Live CD from 1999.

The songs are:

1. On the Road Again
2. Drowned
3. You Better You Bet
4. Now and Then
5. North Country Girl
6. Let My Love Open the Door
7. Magic Bus
8. Heart to Hang Onto

This is 5 songs less than the original.  It's the same music, recorded on
the same night as the original.  It has all the same Pete dialogue, such as
"This is an American Guitar..."

The last two songs are the Eddie Vedder versions, which were on the Bonus
Disk which came with the original CD.

This is a worrying idea though.  What's to stop all record companies
regularly repackaging and  re-releasing old material?  Without attempting to
suggest that this is simply a reissue.  How many other fans can they sucker
this way?

Look out for future other new releases: "The Who Live in a Yorkshire Town",
and "The Who Live on a Small Island of the South Coast of England".


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