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Re: The Who's Popularity Peak

>From: Marcus Surrealius <bushchoked
>Subject: Re: The Who's Popularity Peak
>> Changed from The Who, to a "legends" band.
>They were legends from Tommy on.

'Nostalgia band' is a better description.

>I doubt it. For me, it was like a relief. "Stop
>embarrassing yourselves!" Especially after Who's Last.

Yeah, but we're not talking about you.
Hell, you didn't go to the last tour when hundreds of thousands did.
You're a Who fan anomaly.

> If you
>don't bother bears or threaten them, they won't bother

Yeah, but they'll fuck up a whole bunch of shit in the mean time.
We chase bears out, up here.

>At your local light-hat store. Light Hats R Us.

It ain't no light-hat.
It's just a light.
No hat.
Just a....light.....on a strap.

>BUT he DID say he heard The Kinks on the radio
>currently (which was the point) and even listed the

Um, no he didn't.
"Mr. Subject Changer" <applause!>, he listed those songs as songs by the
Kinks that he felt were also "staples in Rock", along with Lola, and YRGM.
No mention of the radio.
No mention of hearing The Kinks on the radio more than The Who.

Again, does anyone hear the Kinks on the radio more than The Who?


<that's getting old, isn't it?>

>So what current music DO you like?

I honestly don't really like any current stuff.
I'm listening.

I like Cake.
I dig some Outkast.

> Wanna talk about

Not really.  They're 'ok', in a been there, done that kind of way.
First time I heard them on that ipod commercial, I thought they were
interesting, in a retro kind of way.
I like that song 'Get out of here'.

I haven't heard a new band in a long while that wasn't a friggin' flash in
the pan.
I'm not motivated to dig into them.

>, The Darkness, the new Vines, what?

Seeing how you make your living selling music, you have a financial
incentive to dig into them.
I don't.

>> we're not accepting of today's music, and are thus
>>stuck in the past.
>YOU are the one who insinuated THAT! So now you're
>arguing against yourself.

I never mentioned 'new music' when I made the silly 'stuck in the past'
I was joking, because of your Kinks fandom that you obviously have a very
strong emotional link to.
Obviously, you have to know all music.  The past and the present.
That wasn't the point, Mr. Subject Changer <Applause!>.

>I'd rather hear a new Radiohead, personally. Course
>neither of those bands could rightfully be called

But, Radiohead?

>"Enie meanie chilli beanie, the
>spirits are about to speak."

Dating yourself.

>> Paul's gonna kick your ass for getting your damn
>>Rick James boots all over the couch.
>I hope there's a lot of Chappelle's Show fans here so
>they get that one.

Best comedy show on TV.

>wow, the sky
>just turned a really nice shade of purple...

Weekends ar eg reat.

Kevin in VT