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Re: The Who's Popularity Peak

> assertion that The Who only enjoyed brief
> super-popularity (?) in the years
> after TOMMY & WHO'S NEXT.


But it's true! What you're talking about is some sort
of artificial popularity, not based on the music but
on circumstances. We were, I thought anyway, talking
about the band's deserved popularity due to years of
hard work and great music. Not random news reports and

> While I have you all. What Who album did you put on
> last.


Tommy 5.1.

> See, that's what I wanted to avoid here.  We're not
> talking "artistic" momentum.


Of COURSE you do! Because it doesn't fit with your
theories. But it's about the music, Jim is right. The
big buzz popularity period, when The Who were called
the greatest live Rock band and were making their
greatest music, started in 1967 and ended in 1973.
With a nod to MG, also some of their greatest music.

> Again, you're taking other factors into
> consideration,

And we don't want to do THAT, do we?

> I still say those types of stats can be deceiving. 
> "Mass popularity" is more of an intangible type 

Oh, now you've gone off into the wild blue yonder!
Intangible as in: no proof required? And here I
thought you weren't the religious type. My my my.

> I was shocked when there was no line for tickets
> at the Silverdome box 
> > office the day the tickets went on sale for the
> '89 tour. 


Really? Raleigh was full, that's 45k people without
the field, and the field was full too. This being
said, the South is the area of the country where
British bands are least popular.

> You don't think Tommy, LAL and WN were more
> *popular* in their day than FD,
> IH & WL?


You got it! WN was one of those albums (8-Tracks) that
EVERYONE bought...Who fan or not!

> No, I'm not.  I'm talking about their popularity. 

You know a good thing to point out? The size of the
venues they played were smaller after WAY than before.

> <still shaking the snow out of my snorkel....what a
> day at J-Peak!>


Yeah, thanks for all the auto "I'm out of my office
today playing in the snow" replies.

> Before you move to the mountains, go visit an REI,
> or EMS. or Campmore..

But too damned cold for this here Southern boy.

> But, it does have it's value in seeing what bands
> are/were popular.

I don't think so. Tastes change. Many bands that were
really, really popular in the past just seem dumb now.
Like The Archies orBay City Rollers. And they're no
longer played on the radio.

"Since Sunday, 35 Americans have been killed in

Cheers         ML

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