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2004 tour theory


The Who are planning a US tour in the fall to better coincide with release of the new album.  They are playing the festivals and the Australia shows to create some worldwide attention for the album and get in shape for the big splash in the US, starting w/Hollywood Bowl, to promote the new album.  

Even Roger has said they need more time to finish the album so a summer tour is likely unrealistic and impractical, especially if the album is released in Sept or Oct as seems likely.  The IOW and Japan fests plus the historic Australia dates are pre-cursors to the US tour, where the band can cut their teeth on the new live material and any songs they haven't played with the current line-up.

US Tour will include shows in Aug, Sept and October, and hopefully hit some cities ignored on the last tour, like Houston, Atlanta, and Tampa (how bout N.O.?  Haven't been here since 1971).  Definitely will play SF, NY, Boston, and Chicago...would be stupid not to in light of the new album.

Any thoughts?