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Guess Who's coming to play?
By Patrick Donovan
Music Writer
April 7, 2004
Rock band The Who is set to play in Australia for the
first time since its ill-fated 1968 tour.

The promoter, Michael Chugg Entertainment, has placed
posters around Melbourne with the question "Who's
Touring?" alongside the band's target logo. But Chugg
said the tour had still to be confirmed.

"Who was arrested at Melbourne Airport 35 years ago?
Who vowed never to return to Australia again? Don't be
the last to know who's touring," the band's website

The band has booked dates in Japan in July and The Age
understands it will perform in Melbourne's Vodafone
Arena on July 31 and the Sydney Entertainment Centre
on July 28. Tickets go on sale on April 19.

Australian rock band You Am I claims on its website
that it will be supporting The Who, who's previous
visit to Australia was in 1968 when it appeared with
The Small Faces as part of The Big Show.

On 29 January that year, The Age reported that the
pilot of an Ansett-ANA aircraft asked police to escort
19 members of the party off the plane, complaining
that they brought beer on board, were moving around,
and used "very bad language". 

After giving assurances there would be no
misbehaviour, the band flew to Sydney and on to
Auckland, New Zealand. It denied causing any trouble
and said it was unaware that beer could not be taken
on board aircraft in Australia.

Newly elected prime minister John Gorton reportedly
sent them a telegram asking them never to return to

Pete Townshend ran into trouble last year when
arrested in Britain for downloading child pornography
from the web. Townshend said he was using it for
research. Charges were dropped, but he stays on a UK
sex offenders register for five years.

Despite the death of drummer Keith Moon in 1978, the
band has toured on and off. Singer Roger Daltrey and
guitarist Townshend have continued to play under The
Who name. The band's bassist John Entwistle died from
a cocaine-related heart attack last year.

The band almost made it here in 1995, with Zak Starkey
on drums and Townshend's son Simon on guitar. But fans
thought this was not authentic enough, and the tour
was cancelled after poor ticket sales.

The closest fans have got to the band recently was
when Roger Daltrey played a few of the band's hits at
the Ultimate Rock Symphony at Telstra Dome in 2000.

-Brian in Atlanta
The Who This Month!
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