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Re: Kinks...hijinks,..me thinks....this thread stinks....... ?

>From: Marcus Surrealius <bushchoked@xxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: Kinks...hijinks ?
>If we're talking about opinions, then in the opinion
>of the casual music listener WN is their best album.

My point exactly.  Doesn't quite match your opinion.
And, for that matter, it doesn't match my opinion either, as I too feel that Quad it their best.
But, again, it's not all about us.

>Among most music critics, music professionals and hard
>core Who fans, it's Quad

That's a tough call.
I agree with most 'hard core Who fans' thinking it's Quad though.

>So you're saying these notes aren't long enough as it

Just trying to avoid having to go back and do research on what Willis is talkin' about.

>It's a shame you can't see that. But apparently you

See what?

>> Just because I included my opinion, doesn't mean my
>> opinion is the point.
>You stated it as not opinion but fact.

Help me out Willis!

>> And, I thought *you* were the one who said ICSFM was
>> better.
>I do.

So how did *I* say ICSFM was better, when I stated it wasn't as good as the "Great" Who songs.

>> Right.  If you insist.
>You want the chart numbers?

Chart numbers from that time are useless to this discussion.
Too many variables that need to be taken into consideration.
Like a #2 on the charts could suck if all the other songs out at the time sucked too.

>> I can't make that statement.
>You don't have to. I've done it.

What statement Willis????

>> It does have it's value.
>I don't agree at all.

So, you're saying that what's played on the radio is done so by throwing a dart at a map???

>I think the vast majority of
>serious music listeners don't listen to music radio.

I think we all do from time to time.

>They have a CD or at least cassette in theif vehicle
>(probably with a killer system), and at home the same.

So, how is it that you keep so up to speed with what's being played on the radio??

>If so, then Britney is the Queen of music.

She is, at the moment.

>But The Who are clearly a lot better than the Beatles.


>> mankind.
>Oh, so now it's mankind we're talking about?

I've been talking about popularity and greatness all along.
There is popularity in a verity of degrees.
I think it's fair to say that most song writers / bands deep down hope that their songs will become staples of the world.
Mass popularity.

>You said you felt, sure, but followed with "their
>music isn't close." Their music IS close, that's what
>I meant you were wrong about. Not about your opinion.

My opinion is bigger than yours.
( ? )

> And, I'm sorry that I simply can not say that The
> Kinks are more important,
>But no doubt some people do
>feel that way, and could make the argument just as
>strongly as we could about The Who.

So then, in a stalemate, doesn't mass popular opinion have any bearing??
That's all I'm saying.

>But...just a minute ago it WAS! One way or the other,
>please! This isn't "mix-and-match" day.

As I've written, it's both.
But, I tend to put more emphasis on the mass public opinion, in this debate, than your or mine, or AEB's opinion.
We're all biased!

>From: "An English Boy" <peter_dennis_blandford_townshend@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Banned from The Quad...but completely At Home with TheKinks.....
>>Good to have you back on list and posting AEB.
>Don't go gettin' sappy all over my ass. I've been here all along,

Sorry!  Momentary lapse of reason!
But, how to know you're here until you post?

>Y'all strike me as Pep Squad and
>Cheerleader Socialites who hang 'round the Flagpole
>in the Quad at Nutrition and Lunch, turnin' up your snotty
>noses at the rest of the kids. (you work yourselves to
>death, just to fit in)  ;-)

Funny, as of late, until this Kinks vs. Who thread, I've been feeling quite the Who / Pete basher here.  Not that *I* feel I have been, but I know others do.

I'm trying to be objective!
Compared to some of the Who/Pete worshipers here, I'm the bloody 'Anti-Who'!

Kevin (waxing it back up and gettin' ready to rideeee) in VT

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