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Info from Japanese Who News source

Got the following today from the person that runs:

Anyway, it's already April 5th in Japan and I looked
around for more information but there wasn't much

There's a magazine published by a ticket agency called
"Pia." And in the new one which is just issued on 5th,
my friend found a little article about this event.
Their official announcement could be this article...

Here's the information from that magazine. (only the
days which the Who will be playing)


July 24 (Sat)  at Yokohama International Stadium 
July 25 (Sun) at Osaka Dome
Start: 11am 
Line-up: Aerosmith / Josh Todd / The Who / Paul Weller
/ Koji Inaba (Japanese) / LOVE PHYCHEDELICO (Japanese)
/ and others
Ticket price: 14,000yen
Tickets go on sale Apr. 24(Sat) 

Udo Artists Inc. Phone +81-3-3402-5999

My friend said since he only checked Tokyo area
version of the magazine, they only had the info about
Yokohama. What I heard was they have same line up for
Osaka.  But I can't guarantee.

Red Hot Chili Peppers is playing in Osaka on 24th and
25th in Yokohama. I guess they'll have different
line-up for each day and exchange the venue.

That's all for now.

-Brian in Atlanta
The Who This Month!

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