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Re: Kinks...hijinks ?

> WAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Mommy, tell him to
> stop!


Ooh, you got me. I'm devestated. I'm shattered.


> completely. No matter what
> Saint Marcus Lysergic Acidophilus  ;-)


Scott gets credit for buying my ticket on that
particular train of thought.

> Funny, my clock says 8:30, but it feels like 7:30! 
> What the?............


You guys only get 6 months of daylight up there in
Vermont, right? You wear those funny little light hats
and all that, don't ya?

> We can look at charts from the time, but the real
> measure is the 'test of
> time'.  What is the overall ranking.

If that's the case, then REO Suckwagon and Jour-nay
and Kans-ass and Ferrener and Skin-nerd and
Styx-in-my-throat are ALL more important than The Who
right now!  And 100 years from now, when they talk
about The Who it'll be about Tommy and Quad, not WN.

> And, I wouldn't argue with that.  I wouldn't.  I
> won't.

I would. Some of Ray's most painfully bad material:

"Motorway food is the worst in the world/You've never
eaten food like you've eaten on the motorway/Motorway
food is the worst in the world/The coffee tastes weak
and the cakes taste stale/And gasoline fumes are the
worst to inhale/Your stomach rolls over and your face
turns pale..."

Yeesh! Almost as bad as Did You Steal My Money!

> Come on, I'm not talking about current top-10
> listeners.

Current or not, you ARE talking about those sort of
people if you evoke what's played on the radio!
Besides, how many Maroon 5 fans do you think even know
of The Who?

> Mark's the one who brought The Kinks into this
> thread.  :-)

And I don't regret it. Not a bit.

> I'd be willing to hear a vote on the matter.

On a Who list? Yeah...I bet you are.

> *potential* for a new song is higher for The Who
> than it would be for The Kinks.

I disagree. I think Ray is certainly capable of
writing some incredible new material. In fact, their
last album Phobia wasn't bad. It just wasn't popular.

> Just in case there was any doubt; I knew that.


Oh, OK. Good.

"You teach a child to read, and he or her will be able
to pass a literacy test."
          George "but I couldn't" Bush

Cheers         ML

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