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Banned from The Quad...but completely At Home with TheKinks.....

From: "Kevin O'Neal" <kevinandt@xxxxxxxxx>

Good to have you back on list and posting AEB.

Don't go gettin' sappy all over my ass. I've been here all along,
I've just waited for something worthy of responding to, such as
the rolling stones* and TheKinks  v.  TheWho-> threads.

All you guys' babble about TheWho-> leaves me yawning,
for the most part.  ;-) Y'all strike me as Pep Squad and
Cheerleader Socialites who hang 'round the Flagpole
in the Quad at Nutrition and Lunch, turnin' up your snotty
noses at the rest of the kids. (you work yourselves to
death, just to fit in)  ;-)


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