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We dont want your money, we want you!

Must be willing to work at least 5 hours per week.
Must live in the United States.
To become an Associate is Free, we even give you a free website.
No experience necessary, we will train the right people.
Earn $500-$2,500 per month, week, or even per day.
Work with individuals, businesses, insurance agents,
Non-profits, churches, schools.

The Market:
75% of all U.S. Businesses do not provide Benefits to their employees.
43.5 million Americans do not have benefits due to cost or a pre-existing condition.
74+ million Americans are ?under-insured?
Million of Senior Citizens are forced to find some kind of ?compliment?
to the limited benefits they currently receive from the government.

The Answer:
Association Benefits!
Our Association has been in business and providing benefits since 1982!
Combines Insured Benefits with Savings Benefits, not just a discount card.
Insured Benefits are blanket policies written on the Association.
No insurance license required! Conduct business in all 50 States.

To learn more, fill out our information request form at:

To no longer receive messages like this in the future, visit:

Or write to: DW Group, Inc., 14520 Memorial Drive, Suite M-136, Houston, TX 77079