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At Home with TheKinks.....

I wasn't saying we compare best vs. best in the same year, I was making the
point that by 1971 (WN) the Kinks were no longer on The Who's level (if you
want to insist they were "for a while").

Until '69, TheWho-> were a long, long way from being a "household name"
in the musical vocabulary of the *average/casual* Rock Music fan. ONLY
"Thomas" to some degree, and later LAL and WN made TheWho->

In the 60s, TheKinks were an AM Radio staple, filling the charts with hit after hit,
regularly seen on TV (Shindig, Hullaballoo, etc.), far more so than TheWho->.
However, the 70's was the era of the record album (a famous journalist was
quoted as saying:

"The Rock music record album is *THE* Art Form of this {the1970s} decade!")

and though TheWho->, with the release of "Who->'s Next," began to dominate
the now popular FM radio waves with hits, TheKinks were still putting out vital,
thought provoking, intelligent, plot ridden concept albums one after another on
a par above _all_ other bands, sans the infrequent releases by Pete & Co.

Back in *the day* that's how it was. (guess maybe you had to be there, but
denying this reality is equivalent to the movement to refute the actuality of
the Holocaust.)

Here's that text from previous post:

>>>The Kinks were certainly on the Who level for
>>>a while.
>>Maybe before 1971.
>>After that, no way.

Which you obviously agree with considering you posted this about the Kinks
after 1971:

>> Everybody's in Showbiz ('72)
>> Preservation Act I ('73)
>> Preservation Act II ('74)

I {AEB} posted those titles, and stand by them completely. No matter what Saint Marcus Lysergic Acidophilus ;-) says, after spinning all 4 sides {2 studio...2 live} of "Everybody's in Showbiz" {containing the masterpiece "Celluloid Heroes) I stand firmly by this album as a classic.

>Then (again) the Eagles rule.

Kill Me Quickly!

>For that matter, Kinks songs have been
>used on The Sopranos, and Who songs have not! Ha-HA!

I don't need to list The Who's TV and Movie accomplishments.

What about Ray Davies'/TheKinks' soundtrack work on the British film, "Percy"
from 1971, predating _any_ Pete/Who-> soundtrack credits by 3-4 years.

>> Beatles are perhaps even greater in the public's
>> mass opinion than The Who.

Countless bands are, to the casual listener.

>> In no way do I feel their best is even close to the
>> best of The Who

Pete does. I have even seen hand written letters for sale on Ebay, written by
Pete while on tour with TheWho-> circa 1968 telling Ray Davies how great
he thought TheKinks/Ray was.

TheKinks, at their best, are as good as it gets, worthy of standing shoulder
to shouder with ANY band, bar none.

And, I'm sorry that I simply can not say that The Kinks are more important,
or better, or have grander songs than The Who.
Are others really saying that?


"AnEnglishBoy" is saying that TheKinks are as important, not better, and
do have as grand of songs as TheWho->.


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