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Re: Stones vs Who vs Kinks

> 1971 being when WN was released.


WN is not the best Who album. Why do you think the
best Kinks album has to be the same year as WN?

> Now, please, are you comparing *any* album by The
> Kinks to Who's Next?

Sure! Lola vs The Powerman Etc. for one! It's a
cynical look at the recording industry. "Facing the
world aint easy when there isnt anything
going/Standing at the corner waiting watching time go
by/Will I go to work today or shall I bide my
time/cos when I see that union man walking down the
street/Hes the man who decides if I live or I die, if
I starve, or I eat/Then he walks up to me and the sun
begins to shine/Then he walks right past and I know
that Ive got to get back in the line..."

> Again, this isn't about what you or I feel, or *our*
> opinions.

I guess that's why you said ICSFM was better.

> It's about mass popularity.

Then (again) the Eagles rule.

Sorry, I can't go with that argument.

> I wouldn't say that.

The Eagles are definitely played on the radio more
than The Who. For that matter, Kinks songs have been
used on The Sopranos, and Who songs have not! Ha-HA!

> *couldn't* write anthems?

I wouldn't put anything past Ray Davies' abilities.
Art comes from within, so I wouldn't dictate to him
what to write "to prove a point." The Who did no
traditional Rock N Roll songs. Does that mean they

> Beatles are perhaps even greater in the public's
> mass opinion than The Who.

The mass opinion is worth what you paid to get it.

> I'd be willing to bet money that most music fans
> would replace Kinks with Zep in that list.

Zep was in the second wave, with Cream and Hendrix.

> In the UK, perhaps.

ALSO in the US. Fact. Billboard says these are the top
five of each group:

YRGM #7, All Day & All Of The Night #7, Tired Of
Waiting For You #6, Lola #9, Come Dancing #6

ICSFM #9, See Me, Feel Me #12, WGFA #15, Squeeze Box #
16, WAY #14

> I'm all eyes.
> Show me some proof.

There you are!

> It's irrelevant!

No, it's not.

> Put the crack pipe down and step away from the
> prostitute.

You don't really listen to the radio, do you?

> Your daughter bought a duck?

Yeah, but she's not bringing it home from college. Or
it will soon be in the oven.

> Redskins win in ohhh-*ver*-time!

As someone with Native American heritage, I resent

> So, we still agree.

It's too early to tell!

> I'm only acknowledging that The Kinks are part of
> Rock pioneers and have some songs (one..YRGM) that
> is "important" to rock.

(sigh) These kids today...

> In no way do I feel their best is even close to the
> best of The Who

Well, sorry, you're wrong about that. I'm sorry you
don't appreciate The Kinks, but that doesn't make
their music any less great or important.

> In my opinion, _every_ album by TheKinks is
> indespensible!


Come on! Everybody's In Showbiz? With the exception of
the live material, that one's a real dog.

> Everybody's in Showbiz ('72)
> Preservation Act I ('73)
> Preservation Act II ('74)

See, I was very disappointed in this era and I
CERTAINLY wouldn't recommend them to a fledgling Kinks
fan. Any more than I'd suggest Face Dances, AQO or
Who's Last for someone discovering The Who.

> being "Think Visual" (84)

Now I'm really starting to wonder! I think TV is their
second worst (Showbiz being the worst).
"Rock and roll cities/Look out, here we come..."

Where's this kind of lyric?: 
"Now another leader says/Break their hearts and break
some heads/Is there nothing we can say or do?/ 
Blame the future on the past/Always lost in blood and
guts/And when theyre gone, its me and you..."

Damn, that's timely!

"I think apocalyptic beliefs are the hallmark of
fundamentalism, which in my opinion is about thought
control, not spiritual growth."
                       David Neiwert

Cheers         ML

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