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Re: Kink Kronikles

----- Original Message ----- From: "An English Boy"

> The thematic/concept album masterpieces from the 70's are:
> ...
> Muswell Hillbillies ('71)
> Low Budget ('79)

I had these two albums on vinyl years ago and they're great.  20th Century
Man (funnily enough, the only song other than the new Who that I downloaded
when I first got iTunes), Holiday (didn't Madonna do that?), Alcohol are all
terrific.  Skin and Bones in a riot.  Low Budget is really underrated.
Attitude, Pressure, National Health, in addition to the title track.  For
1979, this album rocks.  Those who think the Kinks were only good for a few
years in the 60's are really mistaken.

Jim M