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Re: Mick's vs Roger's voice

>I have a video clip of a recent tour of them doing Satisfaction, one of
easiest songs to sing
>ever, and Mick was atrocious- off key and using wierd inflections.

*Thank you* . That's what I'm talkin' a-bout.

As even the most die hard fan of the rolling stones* (me.........first concert
I ever attended was the rolling stones* @ Los Angeles Sports Arena
December 5, 1965) will admit, on occasion, and during some era's, Mick
has done some piss-poor vocal interpretations.

Look, they're Mick's songs and I can see why fans still want to hear him
sing them.  But, Aaaaay caaain't git nooowoh, Saaaya-tiis-fac-shun?

Supply and demand. I'm sure Mick has material with greater integrity that he'd rather perform, but, like the horrid "You Better You Bet" that TheWho-> seem obligated to perform endlessly, it appears to be warranted by public demand, right or wrong, agree or disagree.

lost me.  23 years ago.  Anyone else likes it, that's fine with me.

the rolling stones* lost me for nearly the complete decade of 1980, only to return with Steel Wheels in '89 and Bridges to Babylon in '97 which knocked my socks off (VooDoo Lounge in '94 left me flat).


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