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TheKinks & TheWho->

TheKinks & TheWho-> are, to me, the ultimate, uncompromising
British Bands...unique in their "Britishness"...steadfast in their
resolve to remain British, and in so doing, have been unable
to reach the mass appreciation of audiences that the likes of
the rolling stones* and Led Zeppelin have.

the rolling stones* and led Z became, in short order, very
Americanised, by which I mean that their songs and subject
matter were understandable and accessable to American
audiences, wherein the Kinks and TheWho-> wrote songs
about the struggle of adolesence, maturing, and aging in the
UK, under very specific conditions that many American audiences
found/find difficult to understand or relate to.

In Ray Davies' case, I consider him to be the 20th Centruy's
Charles Dickens, and Pete is, of course, The Godfather of Rock.

Bless 'em both,


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