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>(I must say, I'm getting tired 
>of reading short little synopses on the history of The Who.)

I usually don't bother.

>RGLB & ORW sound good.  Loud & punchy.

I had to turn the bass down on RGLB.  Very loud bass at first, and then it seems to be mixed down after the beginning.
Still, very difficult to discern individual notes.  More of a wash.
I'll say this, I'm quite glad Gregg Lake isn't on for the full ride...based on this song.

>I'm sure some will complain
>about Simon T.'s production,

It's already happened.  Even caused a desertion from Who-ville.

>but I think both songs sound fine - 

They sound much better to me than the itunes files.  But, that may be from being able to play them on my stereo now.  But, my computer audio system at home is no slouch.

>even though the individual bass notes still can't be heard, though,

You can barely hear Gregg, but you definitely can pick up Pino.
And, the improved audio on the streaming vid of RGLB on Pete's site really allows you to experience Pino.  I'm gaining respect for him.  I actually found myself concentrating (not on purpose) on the bass for that song.  It was quite good and complete.
Maybe Rabbit is right that Pino is now letting go.
Can't wait to see them live to judge for myself.

>of course, there is more bottom compared to the MP3s.


>The credits claim Greg Lake played bass on RGLB & Pino played bass
>on ORW.  RGLB being recorded in late 2003 & ORW being recorded in
>early 2004.  There ya' have it.

The very first thing I did when I opened the packaging.

>From: Marcus Surrealius <bushchoked@xxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: Who vs Stones
>Actually, I've changed my sign since you saw that pic.

Why'd you do that???
Mark's leaving Whoville!  Mark's leaving Whoville!

>> Give me the entire Sell Out album.
>I'd be there in a heartbeat, if they did this. How
>about MG and SO, with a few other songs too?

That would indeed be the bomb.
And, AQO really needs to be in the set.

>From: TigerPurr1@xxxxxxx
>Subject: Re:  Setlist Variety
>The example often 
>brought up was the Who on their last couple of tours - they didn't take the 
>flounce on tour.

I think I can still hear the echo of the screams of delight when we learned in 2000 that it would be just a 5 piece band again, with no glitz and gimmicks.
Just the music to knock you off your socks.

>From: "Jim M" <petenotped@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: The Kinks in your logic....
>No, but I would say that, on most of the radio station all time top 100
>lists that you've been talking about, You Really Got Me would be behind only
>WGFA and maybe Baba.

I'd add BBE to that.

I know there are opinions out there, but I just can't shake the thinking that if asked, a fan of music (even a casual fan) would consider WGFA, BBE, and BABA as more vital / important / grander to rock than YRGM.

Who knows, I could be wrong.
But I doubt it!
>Bah.  He's on the digest, so the worst you ever get back from him is a one
>or two line quip in the middle of a 20 topic post.

Ooops, you mean like this?  ;-)

>It's *your* screeds that
>really make me nervous!

Had to go look that up.
The closest Webster gets is "a mass of stones or rock at the base of a cliff."
Are you calling me a stone thrower??
Not so!
 <sigh> I'm so misunderstood.

Kevin in VT

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