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The Kinks in your logic....

	>From: "Schrade, Scott" 
	>Subject: Re: The Kinks in your logic.... 
>But is XTC even played on the radio?  I mean
>besides college radio stations?  


>And we should be careful about using "radio" as the guide to what is
>great rock & roll.  Let's face it:  commercial radio blows big-time.

Ohhhhh, I was waiting for this.
Yeah, I hear ya.  I think commercial radio blows big-time too.
I can't stand hearing Boston, and just about anything that shows up on commercial radio.
Radio is just one meter.  But, a meter none the less.
They're motivated to keep listeners.
But, again, I hear your point.

My argument remains that if anyone finds a good survey of rock fans, that the best Who songs will be considered some of the most important to rock.
They are consistently very high in surveys, etc.

>The only Kinks song *I* hear on the radio is "Lola."  And that goofy
>"Father Christmas" song around the holidays.

Yep, that's about it for me too.
What ever.

>And I still have yet to hear either of the two new Who songs on the

I was thinking about that this morning.
I need to stop fucking around with this list, and get on the horn with my radio pals.
Hell, one E-mail to the station that sponsored John's visit here, the same lady who read Bjorn's E-mail to me over the air about how VT was John's favorite stop, and they'll start to dig for a copy.


I want my MTV???

>From: "Jim M" 
>Subject: Re: The Kinks in your logic.... 
>Oooh, I don't know.  You don't think You Really Got Me and Lola are
>considered staples in rock?

At a certain level, sure.
But at the level of WGFA?
At the level of Bargain?
At the level of Behind Blue Eyes?

Ahem....at the level of *BABA*?


Jim, don't be afraid.
It's ok to stand up to Mark.
His bark is worse than his bite.

Kevin in VT

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