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Re: Stones vs Who vs Kinks

> By this time they could afford to record everything.
> I don't think they
> planned to put out a live LP at the time but had to
> do something to compete
> with Live'R.


I'd heard that, but could find nothing concrete so I
didn't add it to my history. Even so, they didn't
record the entire tour...which The Who must have in
1969, given the number of Tommy boots out there.
But I skimmed the sites you listed and unless I missed
something major...the only vocal overdubs were some
lost verses here and there. The Who did as much with
LAL Heaven And Hell.

> Reverse that, I think. :)

OK. I should also add the London Hot Rocks disc one
w/the stereo mixes was made in West Germany. If anyone
ever sees one of these, please contact me. I have only
a copy, and I'd like the original.

> The best live Stones recording  Bootleg or Legit is
> Brussels '73 (recorded by KBFH).

I have that one, it is great but not as good IMHO as
Leeds. There's also a London show from the 1973 tour
which has virtually the same set (one song

> 4. Boston Box (Fleetwood Mac, when they had balls!)

Yeah...I can't stomach the Nicks FM but when Peter
Green was there, they were supreme. Green's recent
albums, with Splinter Group, have been damned fine

> 5. Royal Albert Hall (Zep DVD)

Agreed. Zep, for a little while, we as good as The
Who, performance-wise anyway. 
(ducking thrown shoes)
Then there's the Otis Rush 1970 Monterey show, effin'
great. Muddy Waters at Newport. Any Widespread Panic
live CD. Waiting For Columbus by Little Feat. I could
go on. Peter Frampton Comes Alive...APRIL FOOLS!

> No you don't. :)

No, I really do. You and Brian are the intellect and
knowledge of this list. I figure you two are going to
know better at the very least 90% of the time.

We're not worthy, we're not worthy.

> But it's killer rock n roll, 2-4 chords 3m.

Well, if that's the standard...but for me, it's about
the band progressing.

> Even Miss You is listenable,

I'll have to disagree with you again...

> unlike say Emotional Rescue. :)

Mick trying to be Eric Burdon.

> I agree every group has a run of albums where they
> can do no wrong for the
> Stones it's Let It Bleed - Exile.

I'd put it back one to Beggar's Banquet and forward
one to Goat's Head Soup, but yeah. That was the Stones
progressing with their songwriting and complexity of

> For The Who it was Sell Out - Quad.

Absolutely. It's very obvious with each successive
album they were progressing. As with Goat's Head Soup,
when Quad wasn't as successful the band retreated to
WBN. A more standard Rock album, and the magic of
Pete's songwriting was missing.

> Some may think Sell Out is flawed or half done

And some still think there are WMD in Iraq.

> i think my favorite live album is sam cooke 'live at
> the harlem square club', 
> aka one night stand


There are a lot of great live albums out there. Cooke
was incredible, no doubt.

> I didn't say on "The Who level", I'm looking at the
> level of the songs above. The Grand level.


That would be the Who level, wouldn't it!

> You could, but I still wouldn't recognize a one. 

Then you are sadly lacking in your musical education,
my lad. The Kinks were certainly on the Who level for
a while. Then Ray Davies apparently discovered the
demon alcohol and recorded Everybody's In Showbiz and
never quite recovered.
But concerning Waterloo Sunset...one of the two
greatest Pop songs ever recorded (XTC's Senses Working
Overtime being the other)...it's as perfect in its way
as I Can See For Miles. The Who wrote epic songs (for
the most part) whereas Kinks' songs were more

> Tell me the last time any of these songs made it to
> the radio?

All of the time in most places I've ever been. And
that's been in most of the country.

> Doubt it.

Don't. Andy Partridge is certainly a musical genius.

> Nope, i think you've misunderstood the point.

I didn't, I'm just saying that fans of any band...even
Milli Vanili (sp?)...feel the same way you do about
The Who. I've had people tell me Styx was the greatest
band in Rock history. While Mr. Roboto echoes through
my brain, I smile at their face and realize it's
impossible to reason with them.

> That is just one meter however.

Not for me. The programmers are cowards and take no
chances on great music. They want bland.

> I'm not Whocentric.  I'm a realist.  I'm a fan of
> music.
> The Who's best, can't be touched by any other band.

I'm a Rock fan, and a Who fan because they're the best
Rock band overall. But I'd never say they are
untouchable. That's not realistic. If the bands I
mentioned and others I didn't stir the same devotion,
emotion and loyalty in others...we have to accept

> Period.

Take some Midol.

> This is supposed to be a no-brainer, and you're
> pulling it all apart.

That's my job. If we accept everything as a given or
no-brainer, then never will the depths of the topic of
discussion be found. How bout this kind of discussion:

"The Who's the best."

"Yep. I love them."

"How about that WGFA?"

"Incredible. Play it all the time."

> If Bach were still alive, and writing a new piece,
> the potential would be huge.
> He's done it.  He's achieved the top.
> Not just anyone can claim that.
> You have to have achieved the top to hold potential
> to again revisit the top.

Al true, but for some reason I can't fathom, in Rock
music no band so far has ever touched their "golden
period" after the time has passed. I'm not saying it
can't be done, and if anyone could do it...

"The latest study by gays finds that republicans can
change their orientation through counseling."
                    Mike Peters

Cheers         ML

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