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Re: A brief history of Ya-Ya's and more Stones vs Who

> > It's said - and I accept it may be an urban legend -
> that the only reason
> Get your ya ya's out is any good is because Decca (the Stones' UK label)
> heard the album, and were so appalled at how shitty
> they sounded that it was
> virtually re recorded in the studio, with an invited
> "audience" to give it
> that live sound.
More about Ya Yas than you'll ever want to know. :)

> The story I read, thanks to Derrick for giving me the
> book Bootleg by Clinton Heylin, was that a bootleg
> came out from the second Oakland (CA) show of the 1969
> tour and it was so good and popular Decca felt forced
> to release a statement that it was not an official
> release. The bootleg is called Live'R Than You'll Ever
> Be and quite good...some say better than Ya-Ya's, but
> I wouldn't.

This is true.  Rolling Stone mag even reviewed Live'R as it would a legit

> However, since the Baltimore and NYC shows were taped,
> it seems obvious a live album was meant for this tour all along.

By this time they could afford to record everything. I don't think they
planned to put out a live LP at the time but had to do something to compete
with Live'R.

> BTW, I thought London was the UK Stones label and
> Decca was the American one. No?

Reverse that, I think. :)

> IMHO if you were to judge the Stones live from that
> period, the Leeds show from 3/13/71 is the best I've
> ever heard. Mick Taylor was recently a band member
> when they did Ya-Ya's. Two years later, he takes
> command of the band.

The best live Stones recording  Bootleg or Legit is Brussels '73 (recorded
by KBFH).  It smokes anything else the Stones did.  Taylor does take over
and Keith does what he does best, fat chugin' rhythm!
There is none of the "weaving" shit they do now.

> > And as for 3 best live albums of all time, really
> it's only subjective

It all is. :)  This week:
1. Leeds
2. Bedspring Symphony (Stones)
3. Fillmore East (Allmans)
4. Boston Box (Fleetwood Mac, when they had balls!)
5. Royal Albert Hall (Zep DVD)
Honorable mention Rockin The Fillmore (Humble Pie)

> > Some Girls no filler, nuff said.
> Bruce:
> I hate to disagree with you,

No you don't. :)

but Some Girls seemed to
> me to be all recycle and nothing new, except for the
> Disco song (yikes!).

But it's killer rock n roll, 2-4 chords 3m.  Even Miss You is listenable,
unlike say Emotional Rescue. :)

IMHO Exile was their peak,

I agree every group has a run of albums where they can do no wrong for the
Stones it's Let It Bleed - Exile.  For The Who it was Sell Out - Quad.  Some
may think Sell Out is flawed or half done but it's got I Can See For Miles
that carries the album on it's back.