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Re: New Cd and new songs

It's Pete being autobiographical:

He sees Elvis as a young lad. Thinks Elvis is a RGLB.

Or was it Roger? ;)

Later he sees his own image in the mirror.  Thinks he's
a RGLB, too!

His mother tells him he's an ugly boy; says he doesn't
look anything like Elvis.  Weird genes.

However, he (Pete) eventually survives to find love.  He's
told he's beautiful as he is.  He has found peace.

God gave Elvis a face & God gave Pete a grace.  Once
again, he feels he truly is a RGLB.

The choice of Elvis is double-edged because Elvis turned out to be empty as an artist. He had everything: good looks, wild talent, a beautiful voice, loving fans; but his legacy is self-centered and irresponsibile waste. Plus, there's a little joke in this about being in love with yourself.

Heheh. Give it a try. Stand in front of the mirror and posture a little bit while you sing it to yourself: "I can't help falling in love with yoooooou...." ;)


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