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Re: New Cd and new songs

In a message dated 3/29/2004 7:01:07 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
Jdtr006@xxxxxxx writes:
Now someone please explain 
RGLB to me. I can't seem to get into this song. It keeps reminding me of Pete 
and his porno charge. Don't get me wrong, I stand behind him, but I don't 
if I like the song. It's about Elvis? Explain to me the meaning he was trying 
to get across.


As is the case with most of Pete's songs, this may be subject to 
interpretation, but this song in particular hits the point pretty clearly I'd say.

It is about when he was a young lad and saw Elvis.  Rock was young, rock was 
vital and Elvis was "A Real Good Looking Boy" to the young Pete.  He saw what 
he wanted to be. 

In an innocent and simple time when thoughts are pure, he looked at himself 
in the mirror and liked what he saw.  How precious this is!

Feeling good about who he was and being quite excited about his bright 
future, he ran to tell his mom all about it; afterall, she is where he came from.  

Then came her opinion.  

Out of a careless remark came a "judgment" that changed the view he 
previously held of himself. She called him ugly.  She also said that he didn't really 
look like "Elvis."  Being his source, he took his mother's evaluation of 
himself very seriously.  This may have been mostly subconscious. 

His mother lied to him and he was affected by it.  She saw a superficial 
outward fact, and seemingly had no love in her delivery of this "fact."  What a 
parent tells a child about themselves is critical.

  There was a discrepancy between what he previously saw and what he now 
heard.  So he began a life of proving her wrong.  He put his big nose in front of 
the audience and made them like it.  He was constantly proving his worth to 
society. He entered a world where he was on stage.  This world brought him into 
worldwide fame and fortune where folks liked him for reasons that aren't even 
natural.  With this comes forces that many of us do not know.  We do know that 
he ended up becoming an alcoholic and a heroin addict.  These, and many other 
things he had to somehow "survive."

Somewhere along the way came the acceptance of his wife (or maybe present 
girlfriend) that was a fragrance to him.  Eventually according to the account of 
the song, he realized that God had given Elvis a face.  It was just a face; 
something outward that many appreciate.  But God had given him (Pete) something 
above this. Something special. Something hidden to the natural eye, and 
something very precious. God gave him "Grace."  Grace is something that in the 
definition I know, is the unstoppable force that is the antidote to the power of 
sin. It is the sweet visitation of the source of our beauty. It is what God 
gives to anyone that will take it.  But to take it you have to first realize that 
you need it. It is actually God Himself reaching man.  I don't doubt that Pete 
knew the meaning of this word, for the experience he speaks of in this song 
matches the definition.

He also said that God gave to him "sweet sweet sweet Love."  This is what is 
the motive for giving the grace.  Pete realized that God's love for him was 
not based on his outward appearance, but on a subjective inward reality.  This 
resulted in the sweet fact that God's opinion overruled his own mother's 
opinion of who he is.  And now God made him feel like *he* is a real good looking 

Because it is true.

Jon in Mi.