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John bass track to appear on new album?

Press Release

Rocker John Entwistle is set for a bbeyond the graveb appearance on the
Whobs next album.

And devastated members of the band say they can still hear the 57-year-oldbs
distinctive sound when they take to the stage for concerts.

They want a bass track the rocker recorded shortly before his death to be
part of the new recording which is taking shape.

The Who frontman Roger Daltrey told Virgin Radio that the special tribute was
being considered to engineer the tape into one of the tracks.

bWebve got a rehearsal tape of John playing one of the songs. We are
thinking about using it on the album,b Daltrey told Virgin Radiobs Ben
Jones on his
Most Wanted show.

Entwistle, known as bThe Oxb, died from a heart attack in a Las Vegas
room in June last year. He had been a founder member of The Who and friend of
Daltreybs for more than 40 years.

The Who are still performing as Daltrey and band leader Pete Townsend with
musicians filling in for Entwistle and drummer Keith Moon who died from an
accidental overdose in 1978.

bHebll be missed. We were with John for 38 years and when youbve been
someone that long it is an incredible connection,b added Daltrey. bHow can
carry on with John? What is extraordinary is when you get up there and
two of us and therebs Pino Palladinio on bass, you can still hear John
playing because the music is so structured.b

He added that Townsend would also be writing parts with Entwistle in mind.
You get an instinct for what their input would have been and I think Petebs
musical ability will write a bass part that would be Johnbs bass.b

The Who are starring at the Teenage Cancer Trustbs week-long series of
fund-raising concerts at the Royal Albert Hall, in London, next month with
Radio as media partner.