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'DANGER - LIVE BAND' .....should be a T-shirt!!!!

Rabbit diary of night 3.
Good photo of Rabbit and "support band" Black Velvelt.  Worth clicking on the link
Here we go, the last show of the 3 Forum shows, and we're having some fun tonight! 
I notice in the audience there are a few Crowd Surfers, the crowd is heaving and 
swaying and things are looking a bit frantic in the 1st few front rows. 
All of a sudden, while we're playing, we see the security guard dragging a body 
out from the crowd, lifeless, dead looking, and completely limp. Oh no, 
not another victim of a Who show!.........I spoke to the security after the show, 
and thank God, the bloke they pulled out was alive and well, but had just passed 
out from the heat, shoving and pushing, and apparently, from our own lights on stage. 

The strobe lights that we use knock people out the security man said. He told me 
that these kids in the audience get so hot down there, and from a combination of that 
heat, they are near passing out anyway, and as soon as our strobe lights go on, 
it finishes them off. Wow!......That's something huh? The Who needs to carry a Health Warning 
on every ticket issued. 'DANGER - LIVE BAND'........Wear protective clothing, in other 
words come to the gig naked, cause it's gonna be Hot in them front rows. 

On a serious note, you guys in the front row take it easy. Have fun, but be careful. 

Otherwise some of you may be seeing your last Who gig. It really is heaving in the front 
row area, so if things get to hot and rough for you, leave that area and find somewhere 
that you can get a bit of air and a break from the mayhem. Honest!...... 

Our support band, Black Velvet, are a great bunch of lads from Liverpool area, 
and have just signed up with Mercury Records, so look out for their album when it comes 
out imminently. 

We had some fun with them at these gigs. I've included a pic of me and them 
in their dressing room, so take a look at the guys, and look for their record when it 
is released. 

They have a line-up a bit like Free had, bass, drums, guitar and singer, 
and they are keen followers of all things Free and Paul Kossoff, so they get my vote 
just for that. They don't pretend to be or sound like Free, but they have the appearance 
of a band like Free from that period. Could be great, keep an eye out for them. 

Back to our gig, we had to cut it short tonight. At these kind of gigs there 
is a lot of smoking that goes on in the audience. It's a club after all. Who doesn't 
drink and smoke in a club?...but it affects Roger's voice real bad, and you gotta 
remember that he is at full throttle with his tonsils most of the night. 

His mouth is open during the whole show and he is belting out tremendous volume 
and vocal ranges all night, and no doubt a lot of this smoke enters his lungs, and 
like putting the wrong kind of gas in your car, eventually it just stops working. 

Roger's voice stopped working last night so we had to make the set shorter to save his 
voice from disappearing altogether. I heard him trying to speak after the show, and 
there just wasn't any thing coming out of his mouth. His vocal cords were fucked. 

The band was having a great night musically, but without Roger's input, what's the point. 
So Pete told the audience that we were cutting it short, and we were off the stage at 
10 minutes past 10pm. We usually come off at 11 pm, so as you can see, we had to cut 
a lot out of the set to accommodate Roger's voice. Fair enough, cause there ain't no gig 
without Rog, right? 

Oh yeah, tonight I didn't make any mistakes....yee-haw!!!!! 
I'd like to say another hello to all of you that I spoke to in the VIP lounge last night. 

Greg Brown, my old bass player friend from my Eric Burdon days, all you Americans that came 
over to see us, Lee and her Scottish friend, Angie, 
the keyboardist from the Lightning Seeds, Sean the bass player, and all of you, and to all the 
security guys. They were so damn friendly, I thought I was in Texas for a minute......ha. 

Next Stop.........Albert Hall.......... 


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