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Put Downs & Send-Ups Tour & Other New Releases

>I received the following CD release notification from Amazon this morning.
>Did I miss this on the list?
>"As someone who has purchased Audio CDs by The Who, you might like to know that 
>Put Downs & Send-Ups Tour will be released on April 13, 2004....

This has been available in UK shops for a few weeks now.  Priced quite cheaply, around #8.  I'm in no hurry to buy it though.  Maybe one day...

After reading this post, however, it prompted me to do a search on Amazon.co.uk to see what else was new.


Magic Bus: Live in Chicago [LIVE] [IMPORT] 


This is a new Pete Live CD out in a few days!

Track list sounds similar to the Maryville Academy CD from a few years ago (except that had 5 more tracks).

1. On The Road Again
2. Drowned
3. You Better You Bet
4. Now And Then
5. North Country Girl
6. Let My Love Open The Door
7. Magic Bus
8. Heart To Hang Onto

Also, the Singles Box set is finally available to pre-order.


Price #39.99 Released April 26th.

I've just ordered both of these.  Sometimes, you just can't say no.


(Three posts in one week - that's got to be a record for me.)

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