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LOOKING FOR A GOOD (!) RAH TICKET!!! (& for Max the Mod)


I'm still alive and rocking. :-)

Can anyone help me to an upgrade? I've got a 15th row Pete's side ticket to sell
for face value if someone can get me a better ticket for RAH.

I'm looking for something in the first few rows of the arena. Let me know if
anyone can help me. I'm also looking for Max the Mod, thinking he may be able to

So if anyone has a good ticket for me, or wants a 15th row ticket for face
value, LET ME KNOW! You can e-mail me, but what works faster and better is you
can phone me on my cell phone (because I'm in Edinburgh right now):

0031 6 127 05 892

Alternatively you can text message me, which works faster and cheaper.

I'll be at De Hems on sunday night (at about 19:00/20:00 or so).

Thanks and see y'all on sunday!!! :-)



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