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What I want to know, is...

Man, computers are great.
I'm here with the DSL pumping, and get to view vid. of the second night at the
Forum.  Oh, and just watched the first night snippets again too <Birdman with
a quick showing>.

We've seen some great reviews.
<ooop, kind of a fuck up on Baba>
Kim and Lester are becoming legends.
What I really want to know though, is what the reaction has been to the newest
members to the Who's repertoire?
Any dancing?
Singing along?
<ooo, nice windmills on Baba.  We're even.>
The 4 women in the crowd taking their shirts off?
Uncontrolled exuberance?
Dead silence?
Exodus to the bathroom?
Throwing of egg and tomatto to be cut into *desiccated EGG* and *sliced*
<OH! Pete ends Baba with a scissor-kick.  Love that he can still pull those

Is it just me??
I wanna know!

Kevin in VT