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Re: Bandnamesetlistgame

In a message dated 3/25/2004 1:00:36 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
Kevin.ONeal@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
Well, it sounds as if Pino isn't playing around anymore. He may have been 
>holding back in 2002 after all. Maybe now he feels like he's a member of 
>band. This living band.

Where you getting that from?
I listened to the mediafile from Pete's site last night, and really couldn't 
hear Pino except in a few cases where the overall volume was low.
Am I missing something?


I'm taking Rabbit's word for it, since he has been along for the entire ride 
and is a real insider. ha.  Did you read the post Scott sent us guys with 
Rabbit's review in it?  That is a must read.

That quote from Pete was from the Oct 5 diary during the 2000 tour in 
response to negative NY Post and London NME articles criticizing them for 
regurgitating the past.  He started it by saying in his first paragraph: "I've been 
waiting for the inevitable truth- that the critics are not happy AT ALL that we are 
alive and packing arenas."  Of course this was not long after he himself 
found out the The Who were still packing a punch. He still had doubts about it and 
so did Roger.  I think they are getting convinced that they are still good at 
what they do even at their age, so they are making hay while the sun is still 
shining.  And we get to enjoy it or not.

Jon in Mi.