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RE: The two new songs

So you agree that we need an anthem somewhere on the new album, right? :)


Real Good Looking Boy reminds me a lot of Walking In
My Sleep from the Daltrey solo album Parting Should Be
Painless, with a few Townshend strums thrown in. Old
Red Wine is a bit more powerful, and my favorite of
the two. I like the songs, but they don't kick my ass
(and that's what I think we need in a new Who album,
especially in a single). RGLB doesn't sound much like
a Who song, but if any more like one from It's Hard.
ORW is more like it, mainly because of the jam toward
the end. Both sound like they might have been
unreleased tracks from It's Hard.
I can see where some think it sounds like a demo. The
production is very sparse, and Townshend's guitar in
particular is plain and unadorned. I'm disappointed
that the songs weren't more like the pyrotechnics
we've seen from the band live in the last few years.
Not a lot of energy in either song. My greatest fear
has been realized: these songs are mediocre.
Also when my wife heard RGLB for the first time, she
got a funny look on her face. When it finished, I
asked what she thought. She has more than a passing
familiarity with the band after living with a Who fan
for 28 years and seeing them three times. She asked
why Pete was writing a song about a guy. I explained
the song and she said "Oh." Later, after hearing both,
she said they were good. But I'm guessing most
listeners aren't going to get the Elvis references (as
"in your face" as they are) and just think it's a song
about a guy.
Anyway...to me, and I'll admit I'm a harsh critic,
these songs sound like album filler, like A Man Is A
Man or Why Did I Fall For That.

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