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Re: A "Must-Read" from Rabbit

----- Original Message ----- From: "Scott Schrade"

An absolute must-read of a diary entry about the first night's
show from Rabbit.  You'd be a fool to pass this one up.

> http://www.johnbundrick.com/blog/

My momma didn't raise no fools....well, actually, forget that.....

"Pete was burning last night. He walked onstage, went straight to his amp,
the whole lot up, and from the 1st chord, fire came out of his guitar and
God it was loud, but that's how you guys like it right? He played
brilliantly at this
1st gig of the year. Roger's voice is in fantastic form, he really is
sounding great
"Pino has turned his amp up too, and all Hell is breaking loose from his
side of the stage. He ain't shy no more guys, Pino has arrived and is doing
for real now......."

OK, guys finish up that album and get a US tour together NOW.

"Cause I always wanted to be a guitar player, but I'm crap at it, so I try
to make the Hammond Organ my guitar and make it speak like guitarists make
their guitars speak. The Hammond is my 'expression' tool, O can get sweet,
sad, happy, angry, or just plain downright 'insane' on that instrument. "

Never heard a guy so obsessed with his organ.

"Ok, we've done our encore, ending with See me, Feel me and the big anthem
Listening to You........."

Aaaahhh HAAAHHH.  OK, that's one anthem identified.  Did he say anything
about Rael?

Jim M