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Roger on the Radio

Repost from Relayers:

Subject:  Roger Was On BBC2 Radio Today/Tour/Setlist Q's

Host Johnny Walker was reading email questions to Roger.

Email:  When are you going to change the setlist?  You play the 
same songs all the time.

Roger:  Well,they're all old songs.  We change them all the time 
actually.  We're doing 5....no,7 songs actually, that we haven't 
done in about 5 years in England.

Email:  Is there going to be a tour?

Roger:  Maybe later this year.  We've got to get the album finished.
We'll see what happens.

Email:  I heard rumours that The Who tidy up their rooms before 
they leave.

Roger:  Bwhahaha!  All lies!  Nah,nah  (more laughter).

Roger loves the movie School of Rock.Thinks Jack Black did 
alot of good for rock n' roll.

Mentioned the the first night at the Forum but my audio was lousy.

Mike S.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism