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Police Protecting Children

Police Protecting Children

A few words about last nights program on BBC2.

First half hour: really harrowing account of how Operation Ore started.  What a difficult job the police have, how it affects them.  Discusses the sort of scum that enjoys, or gets money from paedophillia.  Really, really emphasises the horrific nature of child pornagraphy, in a strong but responsible way.

Showed the internet site that Pete alledgely went through (pictures blurred).  Big letters "CHILD PORN".  No one entering this site would be in any doubt as to what they were going to see.

Then they told Pete's story.

Lots of shots of Pete's house, all the way from the back, side and front.

The police were trying to treat Pete just like anyone else, but the media made this hard to do.  Apparently, the media had ladders up against the side of Pete's house (presumably to try and get photos through the windows).

Showed Pete being booked into the police station.  Pete laughed when he had to give his full name: "Peter Dennis Blandford..."  He gave his height as just under six foot (funny, I though he was taller).

Poor Pete, he looked so harranged at this point. So grey. They played the audio of Pete's confession/interview: doing research, I've been a fool - you know the story.   Said he felt guilty about the $5 going towards funding more porn.

In the end, the program gave a fair and balanced account of Pete's case.  The program spent around 40 minutes discussing just Pete.  (Out of 90 minutes - no adverts.)

They then moved onto some other paedophile scum.  They pointed out how different this next case was: this wasn't just a case of someone like Pete making an innocent but foolish mistake once - this was a real nasty piece of work, who had thousands of images, and probably made his own videos too.

Good news overall though: The conclusion the program gave was that Pete was the opposite end of the spectrum to most of the other people being investigated - the real users and makers of child porn.  I don't think any sensible person could have watched this program and not seen the difference between Pete and other, real, paedophiles.


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